Do you want to make a difference?

This book contains Maps for Makers like you. Maps that show you how to change the world. Maps with scientifically-proven systems and inspiring stories.

What do you have to lose? An hour of your time.

What do you have to gain? The rest of your life.


About the authors


Rachel Collier is a writer, entrepreneur, and dreamer. She is the CEO & Founder of Third Door Marketing, a social media marketing franchise company that helps young entrepreneurs become financially free. She has a degree in journalism from Carleton University and her work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, and CTV News.


Paul is a biotech entrepreneur who commercialized the world’s smallest DNA analyzer and co-invented the DNA self-collection kit used by 23andMe and millions of people around the world. He holds a medical degree from the University of Ottawa and graduated from the inaugural class of Singularity University.

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